Bret Searles



Bret Searles draws from a love of the organic world and finds it most helpful to personally look for the sublimity of nature and people.  He sets the mood for his works by feeling compassion, and happiness and seeks to create a world that would inspire a person to gain more respect for the natural order. His most favourite artistic styles stem from French cave art, Romanesque art, Eastern European Folk art, Renaissance paintings and fauvist modern art. 

He has had these fascinations for a long time, and has been drawing since the age of 3. Searles adapted as digital media shape-shifted from the early 2000s to present day. He currently shows immense favouritism for the iPad application known as Procreate and attests to its legitimacy as an artist’s tool.  Searles was educated over the course of 5 years at the University of the Arts and is currently arranging his stories with which he hopes to approach publishers as an author and illustrator.