Xavier Sangenís



“In art there are no frontiers, because art is a vehicle of consciousness. It is the human ability to shake false foundations and transform them into renewable materials for the continuous expression of life. Art is the vibrant expression of the visible and the invisible, having a very close contact with the life source, and playing a very important role in the balance of communicative energies. Any activity can take place with art, through a deep connection between the doer and the inner strength.”

Xavier Sangenís is an illustrator born in Barcelona. He studied graphic design in Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and self-developed the skills for illustration through many design projects. Deeply interested in expressiveness, he keeps the influence of comic art from his childhood, when he started to be captivated by the power of graphic humour. In spite of this influence, he finds the balance between printed image and text very delicate, and admires the subtleties and the great potential of humour without words, for its deep connection with emotional intelligence and intuition. His influences include great illustrators like Sempé, Quino, Goscinny, Hergé and Bill Watterson. He’s still interested in humour as an important part in his projects, trying to use it in a subtle way.

He has worked for publishing houses, illustrating contents and also book covers.

He likes to combine techniques, enjoying the qualities of both digital and fine art tools.