Martina Piera


Martina Piera is a visual artist born and raised in Rome.

She graduated in 2013 from La Sapienza with a degree in Industrial Design and a major in Publishing.

Since 2014 she has been working for a Swiss publisher as an illustrator, where her love of travel and books has given rise to a collection of mini guides and tourist maps for children.

Martina’s greatest source of inspiration is nature. She is also influenced by Japanese art, culture and the concept of Ma. Ma is described as a suspension in time, an interval or emptiness
of space.

Martina’s distinct illustrative style is minimal, rich in organic lines and a bold in it’s use of colour. 

Since 2015, Martina has been publishing her daily ongoing love story with Luiso, her dog. She is currently working on an illustrated book inspired by this project.

Along with producing a large of amount of self initiated personal projects, Martina’s current focus is also directed at developing relationships with new clients across multiple platforms in the fields of fashion, music, film, comic art, editorial publications and literary illustrations.