Raissa Tabone



Originally from Malta in Europe, Raissa has had a passion for fashion sketching from a very young age. This love for art has led her to pursue an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications with a special focus on art, graphic design and marketing; where quick drawings sketched in between primary school classes evolved into more stylised, refined illustrations.

Raissa has since moved to Melbourne in Australia, a city which has played a huge role in reshaping and reigniting her creativity and love for drawing. In fact, she is particularly motivated by people’s individual style as seen through the juxtaposition between the two countries she has lived in; from sunny Malta featuring vibrant colours, to multi-cultural Melbourne with its super cool earthy and dark tones. The fashion world and all that it entails, including runway shows, traditional luxury brands, emerging artists and new trends, continues to be a strong influence on Raissa’s illustrations.

Raissa creates her illustrations using digital tools, or on paper using markers and watercolours.