María Victoria Mormandi



Born on January 7th, 1991, in Buenos Aires, Victoria is self taught in both drawing and painting from an early age. 

Her work, initially influenced by Rembrandt Van Rijn, John William Waterhouse and Gustav Klimt, focuses on the representation of a deeply emotional and sensitive view of the world, especially the feminine experience, with the use of symbolism and a mixture of figurative and abstract elements of composition, trying to balance the core elements of beauty and death in the human experience. Her use of symbolism speaks of a deep feeling of nostalgia towards the connection that humanity lost with nature and its archetypal forces in these last centuries. For that, she works with traditional media: graphite, watercolours, acrylics and oils, using paper and canvas.

She has attended drawing seminars at photorealist painter Sylvia Guardia´s studio since 2006.  

Since 2014 she is a student in the Visual Arts course at the National Arts University and has attended painting seminars with visual artist Patricia Díaz Urbano, with Cristóbal Dabadie from the National Catholic University of Chile, figure drawing workshops with Juan Herrera, and drawing seminars with Carla Ferrari. 

From that point she has been striving to improve her style and personal production in order to achieve a professional status in her art, exhibiting her works in galleries and cultural centres in Buenos Aires and selling pieces. 

Since 2016 Victoria has participated in national and international art contests, such as the Luxembourg Art Prize, the Chelsea International Competition in New York and the National Arts Fund Visual Arts Contest, and has featured the Solidary Art Fair at Lamroth Hakol along with established and emerging local artists.

Victoria´s philosophy in art is “If others could do it, I can do it!”.