Tonje Froastad



Tonje Froastad is an illustrator based in Bergen, Norway. She studied at Kristiania University College in Bergen for two years before she went on exchange to complete her third and final year at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. 

She completed her BA degree, with illustration as her major, in June 2017 and is still at the beginning of her career.

Tonje is a mixed media illustrator who works with a range of traditional media. She often combines this with digital techniques, but always aims to keep a handmade and organic feel to her work.

The creative process and the craftsmanship behind each illustration is something she values a lot. The art media differs with both topic and purpose and whether she works with just a black pen or has started a time consuming embroidery project, her focus as an illustrator is always to tell stories.

Some of these stories can be viewed on her Instagram account ‘@systematisk.kaos’ where she works on creating one continuing image over grid based system.

Tonje aspires to continue to work, create and follow her passion in whatever direction it may take her.