Yanick Monteiro


Yanick Monteiro is a Portuguese Fashion illustrator, photographer and designer born in Switzerland. Self-taught artist Yanick began to draw at an early age and developed his illustration style through many years of hard work and a range of different inspirations inspirations. 

After graduating at the F+F School for Art and Media Design in Zurich, where he realised his love for garment patterns and fabrics, he absolved an apprenticeship as a dressmaker in Chur, Switzerland. Inspired by Fashion Designers Yves Saint Laurent, Guillaume Henry and musicians such as BANKS, Amber Mark and Rihanna, Yanick became determined to work more with garments, fabrics, photography, illustrations and design. He absolved the professional maturity in art and design in Chur and is now absolving the Bachelor of Arts in Product and Industrial Design with specialisation in Fashion Design in Basel, Switzerland. 

“I transmit my feelings, memories and impressions in my work and I capture them like a photograph. With powerful colours, strong black lines and various contrasts, I direct the viewers attention to certain elements of the image by removing sections of the illustration and only to be replaced with subtle gestures of the existing form.”