Ekaterina Nastas (Demina)


Kate Nastas was born in Moscow in 1990. She studied at the Moscow Architectural Academy and worked as an architect for 5 years post graduation. Whilst practicing as an architect Kate obtained a great amount of knowledge and experience in architecture, drawing and design. Simultaneously, after graduating university she began focusing on producing fashion illustrations and developed a passion for this particular illustrative niche.

Since 2015 Kate has been working permanently as a freelance illustrator. The focus of her creative practice centres around runway and beauty Illustration, as well as footwear and accessories. The majority of her illustrations are produced with traditional media, primarily watercolour and ink. “I love the vibrancy and unpredictable nature of watercolour and the expression of ink.”

Along with producing illustrations for a wide range of applications, Kate is also frequently commissioned to live sketch at fashion and beauty events for businesses and designers such as Louis Vuitton, Patchi Chocolate (Lebanon), Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Russia) and more.

Kate draws inspiration for her illustrations from artists and illustrators such as Renè Gruau, the romantic illustrations of  Nuno da Costa and the contemporary artworks of Alena Lavdovskaya.

Kate currently lives and works in Italy.