Camilla Billett


Camilla Billett is an artist from Fredrikstad, Norway. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design and illustration. Earlier she worked as an Art Director and Graphic designer, but the last years, mainly as an illustrator. Most of her work are children´s picture books, but she also does editorial work and art prints.

“As an illustrator I have a certain place in my heart for the children. I truly believe that illustration can change the word in the sense that art and good stories can open your eyes for other points of view and give you a sensation that others can feel the same as you. For a child this can make all the difference.”

 Camilla´s favourite technique is pencil pastel and crayons mixed with digital adding colour to her drawings. 

She is inspired by the wonders of everyday life and human quirkiness, but also by art, literature and travelling.