Rashelle Stetman 


Rashelle Stetman is a fine artist currently residing and practicing in Denver, Colorado.

Stetman always knew she was different; meant for a different path. What primarily drives her is the refusal of believing we are placed on this earth to do ordinary things.

She graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 2014 with a BA in Fine Arts, majoring in painting. Since graduating, she has worked as a full-time fine artist and is frequently commissioned to produce works in her signature style for a reputable list of commercial and private clients.

Rashelle is continuously exploring new techniques, media and technology to develop her skillset and illustrative style.

Creating artwork that highlights vulnerabilities, mistakes and personal thoughts is inspiring to Stetman. However, it is the physical act of producing these works, and the creative process that follows that keeps her enthralled. Although she approaches each artwork with a highly structured plan for each step of it’s development, there are unforeseen challenges that require solutions and minor technical errors to be resolved. The work is meant to add a greater depth of character, and an organic warmth not found within the production of say, digital art. There is great beauty within human error when creating art with traditional media. It adds a profound strength and human quality to the final artwork that she finds endlessly fascinating.

Rashelle runs her creative practice from a studio at The Dry Ice Factory Building in The Rino Arts District in Denver. She works with four other Denver based artists who are constantly inspiring her. Having other motivated artists around her pushes her drive to create that much more.

Stetman’s clients include: actor Chad Michael Murray, Icelantic Skis, Tall T Productions, Superior Ink, Originate Clothing, Tuliva and many more.