Daniel Kombakov (Kokomba)


Daniel Kokomba is a Bulgarian illustrator currently residing and working in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Daniel’s path to becoming a professional illustrator was forged by studying and learning from some of the best names in the industry, along with practicing hard to perfect his craft. His work is largely produced with digital media. Mixing vector and raster graphics is Kokomba’s preferred creative method. The combination of the two file formats allows for clean, scalable vector artwork. The addition of raster based graphics and textures add depth and an organic warmth, giving Kokomba’s work a highly recognisable and distinct illustrative style.

He has worked across many disciplines such as; graphic design, animation, video editing as well as web and digital design. Daniel is highly proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite along with Inkscape and Infinite Designer.

After many years of working across various creative projects, Daniel is now focusing on producing illustrations for children’s books.