Rebeckah Griffiths 


Rebeckah is a digital illustrator from South Wales that occasionally likes to dabble in lino-printing. She is a final year student at the University of South Wales and is hoping to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration. She spent her childhood copying VHS covers of Disney movies, following step-by-step drawing books and sellotaping her drawings to any and all surfaces at the encouragement of her grandparents. 

Rebeckah is an avid reader and takes inspiration from a multitude of stories and novels, often designing characters, scenes and storyboards for the books she devours. She has previously written and illustrated her own novellas and hopes to become an illustrator for a many number of books in the future.

Rebeckah likes working with limited colour palettes, small details and textures while trying to push the distinction between line and shape within her work. She undertakes drawing challenges that help to develop her skills further and tries to apply a narrative into all of her work. Rebeckah has been busy implementing social media as a business tool while building up a clientele as she makes the transition from university to the professional world.