Tanner Sturdevant 


Tanner aka ‘Trouble’ was born in Tacoma, Washington and studied graphic design at Central Washington University. While in school he spent his free time drawing and learning the basics of art and design. His art career started in 2015 shortly after watching the street art documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ featuring legendary street artists Banksy, and Shepard Fairey of Obey. Trouble specialises in ink illustrations demonstrating strong use of positive and negative space, with his most prominent work consisting of stencil-style portraits of various figures. 

Originally, all of his artwork was produced with a sharpie on found pieces of cardboard. He then switched to more traditional media after taking some formal art and design classes. In addition to using his original techniques, he incorporated more contemporary digital methods of producing his work, leveraging creative software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to colourise and assist with the typographical elements of his designs. 

Trouble has completed multiple commissions for a long list of reputable clients. The University of Washington has recently asked Tanner to assist in collaborating on a project focusing on the iconic artists of Hip-Hop and how their music influences today’s youth. He continues to refine his skills every day. When he is not drawing he can be found working on products for his recently launched online store. Trouble hopes to inspire people with his artwork and to also make them question the way they look at certain aspects of life.