Luis Oñate Garrido


Luis Oñate is a graphic designer & professional illustrator born in Chile. Luis illustrates scenes that border on surrealism, delirium and humour. Within his imaginarium we can find anthropomorphised urban animals, pop icons, ironic scenes taken from life in an absurd context and characters designed for children, depicted in the brightest of colours.

Within his catalogue of publications we can find the new edition, meant for a Chilean audience, of the book, Stories of Time’s Past by Charles Parraut and, Buzzes and Stars by Juan Ignacio Colil, both from the publishing house Das Kapital.

Within his inspirations you will find classic artists, comic book illustrators and Latin American artists such as Quino, and Themo Lobos.

Luis produces most of his illustrations digitally but also utilises traditional media such as watercolour, ink and coloured pencils.