Ruth Thomlevold


Ruth is an illustrator and animator living and working in Norway.

In 2000 she graduated from Falmouth University in UK with a first-class honours in Illustration. She was one of few illustration students on campus playing around with digital tools at the time and was picked up by web design agency Deepend in London. She also got represented by illustrator agents NB Illustration.

After some creative years in London she moved back to Norway and has since then worked both as a full time employee and self employed, mainly within advertising, web games, design and TV as well as publishing. 

Ruth has a commercial rather than a more artistic approach. Instead of refining a certain style, she tends to adapt her style to best benefit each commission. Still, clients claim to recognise her line, and she never gets tired of her job as the variation in both media and styles is vast.

Even if illustration is her mission, Ruth also has degrees in Social Anthropology and Pedagogy, and she loves being her own accountant.