Olivia Lee (Humiko)


Olivia Lee (Humiko) is an illustrator from China. 

She is now studying Arts Management & Cultural Policy in National Taiwan University of Arts for Master Degree in Taiwan. 

Olivia always loves drawing since she was a little girl and has been creating illustrations in her spare time for many years. She also has produced several design for contests on eyeka.com and has earned two awards. 

Thanks to the help of her family and friends, Olivia started her career as a professional illustrator and manga artist by the name of “Humiko” for almost two years now. She has passion to express her ideas and thoughts. Her work shows a variety of styles as she is consistently changing her way of expression to meet different needs and to create different effects.  “I consider creation a way to communicate with others, to understand people’s needs and share with them something beautiful and extraordinary.” 

“I now spend most of my time working on a series of illustration based on two boys. I am refining my skills to create interesting stories as a manga artist. I am also combining animation characters and photos of cityscapes together to show a different perception of my daily life in Taiwan.”