Stephanie Marian


Stephanie Marian is an illustrator, story teller and graphic designer. She currently lives and works as a freelance illustrator and author in the city of Muenster, Germany, where she has recently finished her illustration studies at the Muenster School of Design. In her recently published graduate work, Stephanie tells the story of an adventurous and heroic little flea, conquering the south pole.

She is inspired by her surrounding environment and shows passion for exceptional details and humour, which are reflected in the unique characters and settings of her soulful stories. In being simple and reduced on one hand, nevertheless colourful and imaginative on the other hand, she creates a world for both children and grown-ups.

Stephanie likes to experiment with different materials such as pen, paint and paper cuts to give her digital work a personal character. She writes and designs to make people think, smile, or both.