Claudia Meitert


Claudia Meitert is a German illustrator who, after studying in both Germany and Spain, graduating with an Diploma in Visual Communication, worked as a graphic designer before deciding to focus her attention purely on illustration. From 2012, Claudia has been practicing as a freelance illustrator on a wide range of commissions in the publishing, corporate, and advertising industries. 

Travel is a major source of inspiration for Claudia, however, it is people who inspire her most. “I likes stories that aren’t immediately obvious – things and situations that occur when people interact with their environment or with others.”

Claudia’s illustrative works are rich in texture and organic markings and posses an undeniable warmth. She uses a wide range of media to produce her illustrations such as; ink, pencils, ball-point pens or quill pens and watercolour paints. Claudia also states that “chance is a legitimate design element within my creative process, but only at the stage of actually producing the artwork. The idea behind the visual must be original, and the finished piece must arrest the observer and draw him in.”