Caroline Didou a.k.a C’Didou refers to herself as a ‘draftswoman’.

She received formal training in design from the prestigious school, Olivier de Serres located in Paris, France. 

Recently, Caroline has moved away from digital methods of illustration and has focused her attention to traditional illustrative media and techniques. In particular, she has taken a strong interest in outdoor observational drawing. “I needed to simplify my practice, to return to the fundamentals. A sheet of paper and some basic tools are all that is needed to create something artistic. It is a pleasant and inexpensive activity that improves my concentration by focusing on the scene at at hand. I enjoy being in the fresh air and sun. Passers-by frequently stop to discuss my work and I take great pleasure in these unexpected interactions.”

For Caroline, the secret of a good drawing lives simply in great coordination between vision and the hand. What is certainly required is practice and patience. “It is mastered over time, similar to the written in relation to hand writing. It is personal, fluid and spontaneous.