Thomas Hamlyn-Harris 


Camilla Bonanni also known as Madam Sketch is Italian born designer (1977). An ex-Google employee and a ‘nomadic’ digital marketer today, Camilla has been absorbing visual inputs from several design capitals where she has lived over the past 15 years (Milan, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Barcelona and now Dubai) and countless trips across +50 countries.

Her graphic style blends together oriental calligraphy,  arabesque handwriting, manga, fashion and an array of artistic expressions that create tension within her works, particularly through the use of asymmetry and bold lines.

Camilla’s inspiration is a celebration of the universal world of women’s beauty, striving to portrait their universal expressivity with minimal use of graphic fundamentals.

She offers her sketching services for art, fashion, publishing, advertising, furniture, illustration, packaging and other areas where a minimalistic yet unreproducible line-based approach to aesthetics is required. 

Her digital artworks are featured on French art gallery: