Stephanie Leidinger Angulo


Born in Lima, Peru, Illustrator and graphic designer Stephanie Leidinger Angulo initially studied fine arts at university. However, after graduating her studies she went on to work at a creative agency as a graphic designer where Stephanie realised her passion for illustration. Following her time working as a graphic designer, Stephanie began work as a university professor which allowed her to simultaneously take on numerous freelance illustration projects and expand her skillset whilst working across vast range of creative briefs. This also allowed Stephanie to develop an ever-growing list of reputable international clients.

Stephanie’s work is highly influenced by the stories and picture books of her childhood. “As a child my mother read me many books, and I absorbed many cute and whimsical illustrations such as: Janosch’s Tiger and Bear, Jean De Brunhoff’s Babar and Antoine Saint Exupery’s Little Prince are some to name a few. In terms of communication design, I was very inspired by Gavin Aung Than’s Zen Pencils because it visually interprets, in an incredible way, ideas expressed via singing, reciting or writing”

“I am constantly restless and eager to learn. I don’t like being stuck in one place or only working on one thing. So, in the middle of 2016 I moved to Malaga-Spain, I’m still a freelance illustrator, but with more personal projects such as watercolours and comics that reflect my personal life. Recently I started working at a company that makes graphic resources accessible and open to everyone.

I think it’s important that design should bring people closer together, whether it’s via education, practical application, or providing resources to enable good design. 

Images communicate in a way that many forms of communication can not. I hope to contribute to the rich visual history of communication design with positive global messages and teach future designers to do the same.”