Yi Xiao Chen


Yi Xiao Chen is a 26 year old Chinese-Australian contemporary illustrator and visual artist currently living in Perth, Western Australia. She has a medical background and is currently working as a doctor. 

She is a self-taught illustrator with no formal artistic training. She began her career illustrating for various publications in 2013 and has been developing her illustrative style and techniques ever since. 

“My work is mainly portraiture and the style I developed can be best described as reductive or semi-abstract portraiture. I try to convey as much individuality and personality to my subject as I can using basic shapes and forms. 

I tend to draw inspirations from details rather than specific individuals. Like certain gestures, the way the light falls on skin, colour combinations, the way a body interacts with it’s environment, etc. For me the figures in my drawings are like characters in a foreign film or strangers that you briefly encounter in an exotic place; impressions or memories rather than real people."