Paperilla H


Heidi Holmström a.k.a Paperilla H is an illustrator and painter from Helsinki, Finland born in 1997.

Mainly working with ink and pencil, Heidi creates contemporary illustrations  rich with energetic lines and feminine figures. Her works have a great sense of movement and intensity. “You can find a layer of sensitiveness within my work, the imaginary bodies live in a world of empathy and acceptance. Dwelling in feelings, or people, small stories spring to life on paper. Powerful characters in different shapes tell the story of my life as an artist.

The world is my oyster, I carry a pen everywhere. Bathrooms, public toilets and people’s minds all across the globe have been marked. Playing with strong colours and sharp contrasts, I share my vision of humanity. My sensitive touch gives life to characters that are unknown, but hard to forget.”

As well as working as a freelance illustrator, Heidi also works both as a tattoo and clothing designer. Heidi is currently focusing her energy on creating a collection “R18” that will be displayed at small events and exhibitions throughout Finland.