Ewa Brzozowska


Ewa Brzozowska is a Surface Pattern Designer and an Illustrator currently working and living in Poland.

Beginning her career as a self taught graphic designer, Ewa went on to gain further education, receiving an IT engineering degree with a major in graphic design and DTP from the University of Information Technology, Warsaw. Shortly after completing her studies, Ewa established her creative freelance business where she largely produced branding projects and website designs for a long list of reputable clients.

In 2015 Ewa began experimenting with surface pattern design seeing immediate success with her first design becoming a best seller in Poland. This immediate success cemented her decision to move forward with pattern design as her primary focus.

“I love creating cute characters and animals that make people smile. Each of my patterns tells its own story. As a mother of a 3 year old boy, I draw inspiration from my everyday life. My style has developed naturally over the years whilst I have been pursuing my creative career.  My clients are mainly textile stores and sewing companies.”

Ewa is driven to become the very best at what she does. “I am constantly working hard to improve my illustrative techniques and develop a strong and recognisable style. What I want the most, is to thrive in this fascinating industry, have fun and spread my passion to the world.