Erica Willey


Erica Willey graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2014.  With a bachelor in fine arts, she has been a professional illustrator for the past 4 years, working as a character designer for Folklore: The Affliction, creating various commission pieces, and most recently participating at a number of conventions as an artist in the ‘Artist Allies’.

Her artwork, which consist of paintings produced both digitally and traditionally with gouache, ink, and oil paints, is a combination of realism and 2D rendering.  She takes classic rendering techniques and throws in comic book characteristic to add contrast to the final look. Much of Erica’s pieces are based on fantasy concepts and tend to have a dark aura about them. But however dark and mischievous they may be, there is still a level of cuteness in the colour pallets chosen and the designs of the characters in the paintings.

Nowadays Erica looks to artist such as JAW Cooper, Wylie Beckert, Adam Duff, and Zeen Chin for inspiration. With their individual styles, they each have a unique impact on her life. Thanks to her family and friends, Erica has the constant motivation and support to keep moving forward with her illustration career.