George Katralis


When asked about his artistry he simply said. “I’d describe myself as a ‘Dilettante’. It’s a great word. Essentially, it’s a really fancy way of saying that I’m actually, not that fancy”. And with that, his secret was out.

Australian born, now London based artist George Katralis was raised with the soft white sands of Australia’s famous Bondi Beach running through his toes but while his contemporaries were learning to surf at the local nipper’s club or perfecting the perfect spiral pass at the local footy field, he was often found in his little world of make believe, playing with action figures, writing stories, creating comic strips or pretending he was Spider-Man while swinging from the local tree, creating an entire world in his backyard that only he could see. 

Being a big believer that creativity is as fluid as the weather, and just as unpredictable, George believes that the perfect idea requires the perfect execution, whether that be in word, action or illustration.

George began to show signs of artistic flair from a very young age which encouraged his parents to help him explore more creative endeavours and give up any pursuits of being a Rugby League hero or pro surfer. Quickly, he was enrolled into weekend art schools, taken to exhibitions and became the owner of more junior art and calligraphy kits than any child really needs. Upon finishing High School, George received a full academic scholarship to study Graphic Design and Multimedia and has gone on to have a successful career in the design world.  

This self-proclaimed ‘Dilettante’ now resides in London where, like many of the great artists who’ve come before him, will credit this place and period as his own creative renaissance while also serving as a personal reminder to never forget where he came from.