Giulia Pelizzaro


Besides being a Graphic Designer, Giulia is also an Italian artist and illustrator currently residing in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her passion for art was ignited an early age and has she kept perfecting her drawing skills up until this day. 

Giulia portrays her art on various substrates, such as wood, canvas, paper and cement walls. Her preferred media for creating her artworks and markers and paint. Giulia has a distinct and recognisable colour palette primarily consisting of vibrant hues of turquoise, pink, yellow and black. “Within my art, I portrays ordinary situations, combined with contemporary concepts and an added twist of irony. My illustrations include crowded scenes with bizarre and odd shapes and wavy lines.”

Giulia’s work is beginning to gain considerable attention in the art world. She has been recognised by the owners of the GO gallery in Amsterdam in which she exhibited her work for the Gay Pride 2017 opening event.