Taryn Lee


Taryn Lee is an artist, illustrator living in Toronto, Canada.
Her Bachelor of Design degree in Fashion Communication from Ryerson University allowed her not only to explore the world of fashion and art, but also to focus on the business aspect of the creative industry.

Her work is influenced through use of colour, graphic imagery, fashion history, travel and culture. Utilising both traditional media such as acrylics, oil paints, inks and digital media such as Adobe Illustrator, she  has created a unique stylised illustrative aesthetic. So far her work has been published in Martin Dawber’s ‘Big Book of Fashion Illustration’ 2007, and several Canadian magazines.

Painter Frida Kahlos’ fierceness has inspired Taryn’s work. Other artistic heroes include illustrators: Jordi Labanda for his lifestyle genre, Antonio Lopez for his colourful 1970s depictions of models, friends and iconic people, David Downton for his elegant, high-fashion glamorous spirit and finally Marcos Chin who ignited a spark during a lecture in her digital illustration class.

An insight that Taryn lives by is, “to keep your eyes open and your brain curious, that sparkle of inspiration can happen at any moment!” She hopes her art resonates with individuals, evokes emotion or allows the viewer to look at things a little differently. She is fascinated about the minds of other creatives and their perspectives on the creative process.