Sergio Xie


Huaqiushi Xie, better known as Sergio Xie in Europe, he was a China-born illustrator/oil painter. Since 2015, he has been living in Italy Rome.

Before his life in Rome, she had spent six years working on oli painting, In 2014 his paintings “Swan1-4” participated in three Chinese exhibitions , This group of paintings won him the title of outstanding young artist, and began to receive attention. In 2015, he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and started a further study of art. In October 2015, he started create illustrations of his “diary series”, this is the beginning of his illustrator career.

His work has been recognised by online platform Instagram and Facebook, In October 2016 he was invited to Berlin. and held his first exhibition in Europe. He always believes that the key to the success of art is the artist’s tireless efforts and unique style ..This time, he chose the three works of his animal themes to express his thoughts on human nature, love, freedom and loneliness. he welcomes any art lovers from all corners of the world to
communicate .