Helen Bannert


The artworks of Helen Bannert are influenced by scenes and situations of our everyday life. Most of the time the artist was part of the depicted scenarios. 

Her art is inspired by various kinds of music and books, the philosophy of Albert Camus, artists like Francis Bacon, Günther Brus, Oskar Kokoschka or Egon Schiele from Austria, Viennese Actionism, surrealism and expressionism, behaviourism and cognitive psychology. 

In 2007 Helen Bannert started her studies of art at the Academy of Fine Arts Dusseldorf, Germany and graduated in 2014 with a diploma. In the same year her teacher, the danish artist Tal R., conferred a distinction on her titles ‘Master Student’ which is an honour for special artistic accomplishments.       

The artists philosophy is based on existentialism and the absurdity of existence. That is the reason why Helen Bannert shows a realistic and blunt view on reality to represent the uncompromising truth because she is convinced that art is most effective if it reveals, clarifies and shakes society to the very foundations so that the observers gain the insight necessary to concemplate their nature, and their view on life. 

“To accomplish all my aims I use the stylistic device of visual alienation and distort the known so that it leads in a new creation.”  

When the artist explores human nature and behaviour, she wants to face the viewers with their fears of the strange and associated prejudices because she believes that this is the only way to overcome them. 

“At least, art does not know any borders!”