Sandra Lorenzo


Sandra Lorenzo is an illustrator and graphic designer currently working and residing in Madrid, Spain. 

Her illustrations bring together the classicism of  pencil drawing and the modernism of digital colour. The result: Powerful contemporary  artwork that aligns perfectly with popularised contemporary  aesthetics. 

Sandra loves portraits. She is fascinated by the  human figure and specially human face, which she thinks is captivating. 

Using mixed techniques in her drawings helps her to achieve an extra of dynamism and a unique finishing touch to her illustrations. Sandra uses pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolour, acrylic paint, photographic textures and digital colours.

Her work is inspired by nature, flora, fauna and Asian iconography. Sandra’s work is also heavily influenced by the works of illustrators and designers such as: Yuki Shimizu, Paula Bonet, Gabriel Moreno, Gruau and Victo Ngai.