Sam Jukes


Sam Jukes was born in the city of Bristol in 1990. Growing up in this city’s rich street art culture combined with positive influences from family and friends he developed a taste for the more creative side of life and began developing his ability to illustrate.

Local inspiration from the likes of Banksy and other street artists who’s work covered the streets of Bristol at the time, submersed Sam in a culture ideal for the development of his illustrations and ideas.

Frank Miller and Alex Ross were introduced to him during his time at school by his art teacher and this triggered a fixation with graphic novels and comic book art which is evident in Sam’s style today. 

After spending the early years of his adult life travelling Sam began to absorb inspiration and ideas from varying cultures and places that he had been. He could no longer bottle them all up and has since returned to the UK to begin illustrating full time working for local clients as well as writing and illustrating his first book ‘‘The Cure of Umba’. 

Adaptable, open minded and friendly, Sam is overflowing with ideas and enthusiasm for the creative industry and is only ever an email away.