Antonella Morelli


Illustrator and artist Antonella Morelli currently resides in Den Haag, Holland. 

Antonella’s greatest inspiration is travel. She has spent the previous 5 years exploring Australia, New Zealand and Germany, gaining invaluable global experience throughout the creative industry and being inspired by the art and culture she has absorbed. 

She has gained a Bachelor of Graphic Design whilst studying in Buenos Aires. Antonella’s client base in largely based in the music and entertainment industries. She frequently produces illustrative works for an ever expanding list of musicians, independent radio stations and arts related businesses.  

Antonella describes her work as “surreal and mystic”. She works largely with traditional media such as pen and ink and occasionally brush and ink depending on the desired outcome of the project. Many of her works are then vectorised when preparing her final artwork for print.

Antonella plans to continue to travel and participate in exhibitions worldwide.