Maude Varela


Maude Varela is producing stimulating art pieces that are gaining considerable attention in the art world. Currently, she is working diligently to get as much work completed before Dry Macular Degeneration takes her eyesight away. Maude was diagnosed with this medical condition in 2015. Her modern and abstract style is extremely colorful, bright, unique and original. 

Born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico, she is currently living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana. Maude discovered her artistic inclinations as a child while growing up in Puerto Rico. However, Tulane University gave her the opportunity to immerse herself in the world of art and experiment with different creative media and disciplines while acquiring a minor in art-studio and a major in Latin American Studies. Intending to keep herself busy, productive and financially stable, she also acquired a Masters in Business Administration from Loyola University and a Masters in Public Health from Tulane University. Unfortunately, school, work, and other life circumstances kept Maude from fully engaging herself in the world of art and doing what she loved most. Her early years’ goals and ambitions might have stalled her artistic growth temporarily, but it gave her the canvas of real life to draw upon and define, for her, a particular preference for abstract art. Now, Maude’s artistic abstract style allows her to express herself, human emotions and everything that life brings, such as love, sadness, joy, anxiety, anger, and lust, without rules or limitations. This passion, talent, and desire are eloquently revealed in her photography, poetry and her art pieces using oil pastels, water colours, wax pencil, acrylics and a variety of additional mixed media on paper and canvas. 

Maude considers the creation of art a form of meditation and therapy, and, while Maude is facing blindness at some point in the future, creating art brings her a sense of peace, joy, and satisfaction. Despite everything, her greatest creative achievement and source of joy is her daughter, Life, who is not only her driving force but also her biggest motivation.