Mariana Ferreira (Helen Drop)



Helen Drop is the alter-ego of Mariana Ferreira, a Portuguese illustrator and copywriter. Mariana graduated in Design but her love for self-expression through words, lines and colour was stronger. The fluency of feeling free to create at her heart’s desire was much more appealing than any other type of creative, yet structured work.

After a successful first solo exhibition, Mariana wandered through a series of odd jobs until a life-changing experience brought her back into creating,  this time under the alias, Helen Drop.

Helen’s preferred mediums are markers and paper, these happen to be the simplest yet effective tools to recreate the state of mind of a serial over-thinker. Every bright solid colour or crisp black line reflect the confusion at life’s most difficult (and unavoidable) milestones, from love and fascination to rejection, grief and loss. 

Helen is currently working on launching her on-line store which will feature t-shirt designs, custom prints, badges and postcards.