Beatriz Azucena Aguayo Vargas


Beatriz Aguayo V. was born in Jalisco, central Mexico in 1991. Since she was a child she was fascinated by children’s books. Later in life she was attracted to the process of story telling and representing them visually via her paintings. 

At the age of 13, Beatriz began to study in a professional manner being mentored under the painter Francisco Peréz. This would change her vision of painting, illustration and passion for art, which led her to create series of murals in Jalisco with her mentor. 

At the age of 18 she left her hometown to go to university to study Graphic Design. She already knew that she wanted to dedicate herself to becoming a professional illustrator. Turning to digital illustration was always a doubt she had to confront whilst at University, beginning to experiment with a range of different media. Colours have always been a principal element of her work, she is emphatic in creativity and composition. “I try to break down the barriers between the conscious reality of life and the unconscious reality of the dream world, mixing facts and fantasy in such a way that blows away the normal concept of reality.” Whilst attending university she obtained an award in “interdiseño” a university congress of design, later, was published in a magazine of the university of the arts of Aguascalientes, Mexico. 

Her works are influenced by childhood experiences and her travels. “I aim to create images that allows the viewer to build rich and relatable stories in their minds.”

Her work has also been published in a range of media including Digital Magazine (Colombia) making her works known to Latin America. Beatriz has also exhibited in the city of Aguascalientes. She held a solo exhibition, in conjunction with a cultural project of the state as an artist in residence in which she shared her work in a walk-in gallery. Since then, Beatriz has dedicated herself to painting in large formats for different areas of the city.  

Bored of her daily life, she left Mexico to travel Europe for a 9 month period. She was interested in participating in collectives producing social design, creating illustrations for publications produced by local authors, painting murals in public spaces, and participating in live painting events. 

She currently resides in the south of Italy, working as a freelance artist and illustrator.

“I deeply believe in the idea that sensitivity will always be the key to success.”